Level 2 Plyometrics

This post is courtesy of ONEighty Athletics

The ability to apply a reactive force is the major goal of plyometric training.
An increase in power will directly correlate to an increase in Speed and Explosion.
We will implement plyometrics on Monday and Thursday during our speed / plyo

It is extremely important to land properly when absorbing force.

Key Cues:
Feet under hips, hips above knees, in power position, chest tall, knees over toes,
weight on front two-thirds of feet.
Perfect takeoff and landing technique. Don’t land below parallel!
Camps & Combines rate and rank players off of verticals, broad jumps, and 40
times make sure you attack these drills!

In the video below Coach Michael Cano, of ONEighty Athletics ,takes a group of athletes through a series of 4 plyometic drills.

Here are the drills that are executed in the video

1.) Quick Feet Lateral Direction Intent
(4 whistles each rep)
(Quick Feet then Whistle)
– Proper shin angle, aggressive ground contact

2).Lateral Direction Intent with SL Hop
3.) Rotational Jumps
(each whistle 2 jumps)
4.)SL Hop Off Left- SL Hop Off Right- Sl Hop Off Left
Finish Where You Start (3 Jumps)

The YouTube video below as audio, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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